Illinois 2017 Maximum Fees for Copies of Health Care Records

A person (including a patient, a health care practitioner, or an attorney) requesting copies of records shall reimburse the facility or the health care practitioner at the time of such copying for all reasonable expenses, including the costs of independent copy service companies, incurred in connection with such copying. For 2017, the maximum charges are:

  • Handling charge - $27.33
  • Copying pages 1 through 25 - $1.02 per page
  • Copying pages 26 through 50 - $0.68 per page
  • Copying pages in excess of 50 - $0.34 per page
  • Copies made from microfiche or microfilm - $1.71 per page 
  • Actual postage or shipping charges

For electronic records, retrieved from a scanning, digital imaging, electronic information or other digital format in an electronic document, a charge of 50% of the per page charge for paper copies. This per page charge includes the cost of each CD Rom, DVD, or other storage media.

Records already maintained in an electronic or digital format shall be provided in an electronic format when so requested.

The facility or health care practitioner may charge for the reasonable cost of all duplication of record material or information that cannot routinely be copied or duplicated on a standard commercial photocopy machine such as x-ray films or pictures.