• Ryan Danahey has authored an article entitled “Can Illinois Employers Require Employees to Receive the COVID-19 Vaccine?” This may be at the forefront of what Illinois employers need to know.
  • Michael Luchsinger has authored an article that will be of interest to employers in the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. The article, “Employer Considerations During the COVID-19 Crisis” will, among other things, answer many questions about employees’ eligibility for unemployment benefits.
  • Michael J. Progar presented the topic “Digging Deep into the Policy and Claim File” in Indianapolis. The topic was part of the seminar “Insurance Coverage Litigation: Secrets Insurance Companies Don’t Want Attorneys to Know” presented by NBI.
  • Michael J. Progar spoke at the seminar “Insurance Coverage Litigation: Secrets Insurance Companies Don’t Want Attorneys to Know” in Merrillville, Indiana. Mr. Progar’s topic was “Creatively Framing Your Coverage Position.”
  • Michael J. Progar spoke at the “Insuring Cannabis Summit.” The virtual summit was sponsored by Insurance Journal. Mr. Progar’s topic was “Legalization and Employer Liability and Employee Rights.”.
  • Biometric identifiers, such as fingerprint scans, hand scans, retina and iris scans, and facial scans, are becoming more commonly used by employers to identify individuals for timekeeping and security purposes. The Illinois Biometric Privacy Act prohibits employers from collecting biometric information from employees without their consent. Michael R. Luchsinger’s article explains the Act’s provisions and provides advice for employers on how to ensure compliance. Read or download the article here.
  • Michael J. Progar presented “Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace: Marijuana and Other Considerations.” His presentation was part of the Human Resource Law Boot Camp seminar in Naperville, Illinois, sponsored by NBI.
  • Read our article by Michael R. Luchsinger on how the 2019 and 2020 amendments to the Illinois statutes will affect Illinois employers.
  • View our PowerPoint slide show about the history and current state of the law in Illinois on targeted tenders.